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Изучение колебаний уровня струи в фонтане

Everybody can observe oscillations of the upper point of the fountain stream. Even if fountain is a statical one the height of its stream changes in time with period few seconds.

The purpose of the work is to investigate the phenomena of such oscillations. In the work physics laws were found that are laid in the basis of the phenomena, also quantitative analysis of the parameters was made.

The main reason of the oscillations was found as the following one. The upper point of the stream is something like “water ball” that oscillates in the earth gravity field. In order to find quantitative dependences the experimental installation was constructed. The installation consists of the big volume tank that provides the water under constant pressure. The tank supplies by the water the thin tube from which the fountain begins. In the experiment stream height dependence upon the time was measured. Next the process spectrum was investigated by the computer. Also were found the dependences of the values St on the values Re and Fr. Simultaneously theoretical analysis was conducted by use of the dimensional theory.

The theoretical and experimental results are compared and discussed.